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What are the characteristics of ultra-high pressure water atomization?

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2023/03/13 20:55

What is the cost of Shenyang lighting spray (invite cooperation! The 2022 has been updated) UVVNEp -- "the cold fog system has achieved good results. besides, the following fog fine ultra-high pressure micro-fog spray nozzle can breed 5 billion fog droplets per second! The diameter of the droplets is only 3~15m, especially like clouds in the mountains, the rapid evaporation in the air caused by water vapor, humidification cooling effect? Energy-saving atomization 1 liter of water only costs 6W crime rate is the 1% of traditional electric humidifier, centrifugal or gas-water mixed humidifier is one of the very. The host of the solid ultra-high pressure micro-mist humidifier accepts the imported industrial plunger pump. The nozzle and the water mist distributor have no cooperative vulnerable parts and are not damaged in a high dust environment. Hygienic ultra-high pressure micro-fog system of water is sealed non-circulating use."

What are the characteristics of the dust removal fog gun equipment? Dust removal fog gun is based on the principle of wind, the first use of imported high-pressure pump, fine atomization spray water atomization, and then use the fan air volume and wind pressure to atomize the water mist to a long distance, so that the water mist to reach a long distance at the same time can cover a larger area, water mist and dust condensation after landing, so as to achieve the purpose of dust.

It has a very active role in the construction of light pole spray. Principle of street light pole spray system: street light pole spray system equipment is also called cold fog boiler in foreign countries. The equipment has a nozzle that can produce fine atomized water droplets. The high-pressure plunger pump pressurizes tap water or softened water to 7MPa, and uses the potential energy in the water transfer process to atomize the water into fine water droplets. The flow rate of atomized water droplets at the nozzle outlet will be about 100 m/s. By rotating or machining a high-speed jet into a special shape

Dry Fog Dust Suppression Technology This kind of technology captures dust by means of clouding and water mist, allowing water mist to combine with its air or dust particles to form dust and water mist or agglomerates, which are left behind by gravity but settle down to suppress dust at source, and can effectively solve the treatment problem of dust discharge without preparation in a partially closed/fully closed state. Gas such as water mixing atomization, can continuously obtain more and more fine spray particles. The dust suppression nozzle belongs to the atomization series products, and the dry fog dust removal nozzle spray water volume is small compared with the insecticidal nozzle products.

The effect of spray mist on dust is formed. (see figure 1) figure 1 dust and dry fog capture principle micron dry fog dust suppression device is a water source with a certain pressure carried by compressed air, and the water is highly atomized by forming high-frequency sound waves through the atomizing nozzle, thus forming thousands of water mist particles with a size of 5-10µm. after the compressed air stream carries the water source to the atomizing resonance chamber of the nozzle, the accumulated medium pressure sprays the mist particles into the dust in a soft and low speed, the system can automatically identify the degree of impurity deposition and automatically discharge the sewage valve signal. Backwash over the flow, lift, time adjustable (humanized design, for flow, range, time controllable adjustment, to avoid waste)

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