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Teach you how to choose cost-effective amorphous strip (sheet) equipment?

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2023/02/27 21:03

Pay attention to the characteristics of downstream demand and stabilize the healthy development of the industrial chain. At the seminar, the director and assistant general manager of Jiangxi Dayou Technology, the chairman of the board, introduced the application of amorphous nanocrystalline soft magnetic alloys in the field of new energy vehicles, and said that compared with the excellent performance of amorphous products, users in the field of new energy vehicles Pay more attention to the stability of the performance of amorphous products. The chief energy engineer of the South China headquarters of the Survey and Design Institute also pointed out in the report that the noise problem of amorphous transformers still needs attention. He said that at present, although the noise problem caused by the characteristics of amorphous strip has been improved, and the noise of some amorphous three-dimensional coil core transformers has reached the level, the process level of the industry is uneven, and it is urgent to improve the overall process level of the industry to achieve noise control.

In recent years, with the continuous maturity of amorphous strip manufacturing process, domestic enterprises gradually break the monopoly position of foreign enterprises, the increase of localization rate is accompanied by the increase of market supply, and the market price of domestic amorphous strip is decreasing year by year. In addition, costs have increased. At present, the amorphous strip to do a transformer has a cost advantage over the orientation.

At an industry-university-research docking conference organized by Dengfeng City, I heard about amorphous ribbon for the first time,

(2) Orientation With the original time when there was only one family, it sold for more than 40,000 tons, but now it is more than 20,000 tons, so it is very difficult for you to come down after its price, even if amorphous strip comes down again, its processing technology and various influences may not have particularly obvious advantages.

The main products produced by the ton special alloy strip project are high-end products such as ultra-high-strength special alloys, ultra-high-conductivity special alloys, high-elastic ultra-fine-grained alloys and electromagnetic shielding special alloys, and the main application scenarios are smart consumer electronics, new energy vehicles and smart terminal equipment. After the project is put into operation, the products are mainly sold in the domestic market and used to replace imported raw materials for domestic related manufacturing industries.

(1) In the past 20 years, soft magnetic materials have not made much breakthrough in material types and ranking. It is basically the cost optimization and performance optimization of these soft magnetic materials that have been produced before 2000, including some cost process improvements, without too sudden and prominent changes. Therefore, they have formed between them (relatively stable application scenarios, so sometimes some publicity is easy to mislead everyone, the amorphous strip with more publicity is a substitute for the right one in the distribution transformer market, but in essence, for so many years, the production of amorphous strip in our country is at the level of 10,000 tons, which is still much lower than that of the orientation of 1 million tons and the total amount of 10 million tons. Therefore, we should form a clearer understanding;

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