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Detailed introduction of amorphous strip (sheet) equipment

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2023/02/20 21:22

Founded in July 2008, it is a key high-tech enterprise focusing on the research and development, production, sales and service of high-performance amorphous and crystalline materials and products. Its main products include amorphous, crystalline strip, amorphous and crystalline electronic iron cores, power electronic components, amorphous transformer iron cores and power transmission and distribution and control equipment, it mainly serves the national energy conservation and environmental protection, new materials, high-end equipment manufacturing, new energy, new energy vehicles and other strategic emerging industries, and has always been committed to becoming an international supplier of comprehensive solutions for magnetic materials and their applications.

Amorphous alloys are different from traditional crystalline alloys in that their internal atomic arrangements are characterized by long-range disorder and short-range order. Amorphous alloys require a high cooling rate in the preparation process to inhibit the nucleation and growth of the crystalline phase, so the size of amorphous alloys is mostly flake or ribbon. It is found that the critical cooling rate of amorphous alloys can be increased to 10-1~10-2 K/s by means of alloy composition diversification and atomic size difference matching. Therefore, the critical diameter of more than 1mm rod amorphous alloy called bulk metallic glass. Compared with traditional crystalline materials, amorphous alloys have many advantages in performance, which have attracted wide attention of scientists, and have shown important application prospects in aerospace equipment, precision machinery, information technology and so on.

Dong Mi: Hello! The company's amorphous, crystalline industry includes amorphous strip and crystal two categories, amorphous strip is mainly used in energy-saving distribution transformers, crystal products include crystal strip, iron core and devices three categories, mainly used in consumer electronics, photovoltaic, electric vehicles, rail transportation and health care and other fields. Thank you for your attention to the company! Thank you!

The amorphous strip, which is light and thin as paper, sharp as a knife and other name, will be sold at home and abroad from here and used in power distribution, new energy vehicles, rail transit, aerospace, consumer electronics and other fields.

The earliest manufacturer of amorphous materials in China is a listed company, but later other manufacturers are gradually doing it. At present, the mainstream manufacturers are Qingdao Yunlu, Xianlong, including these manufacturers in the production of amorphous strips.

For the domestic amorphous, crystal soft magnetic materials research and development pioneer, products for high-end enterprises. At the beginning of 2010, it successfully broke through the foreign technology blockade and realized the mass production of amorphous alloy strip in China, making China the third country in the world that can independently produce amorphous strip.

Since then, it has been learned that the known amorphous alloy is indeed one of the frontier research hotspots in the field of materials science in the world.

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