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Centrifugal atomization equipment you know how much?

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2023/01/02 21:18

The extraction centrifuge is a new, fast, mixing and separation equipment such as EEC plant extraction centrifuge and HH extraction centrifuge. The centrifugal extraction machine uses a motor to drive the drum to rotate at a high speed. The two materials with different densities and immiscibility complete the mixing and mass transfer under the action of the shear force generated by the rotation of the drum or blades, and are rapidly separated under the action of the centrifugal force generated by the high-speed rotation of the drum. The extraction centrifuge mainly includes two processes, namely mixing mass transfer and centrifugal separation. The extraction centrifuge can automatically and continuously complete the two processes of mixing and separation. Since there are many types of extraction equipment, the following factors should usually be considered when selecting equipment:

At present, there are many kinds of centrifuges on the market, and there are different suitable centrifuges in different fields. According to different speed, whether refrigeration, equipment size and other standards can be classified as follows:

High-pressure atomization system is a new type of energy-saving cooling equipment, which is simple to operate and easy to maintain. The system uses a high-pressure plunger pump to pressurize the water and then transmit it to a high-pressure atomizing nozzle through a high-pressure pipeline system to form micro-mist particles and spray them into the air. The water mist forms a full heat and moisture exchange with the air, absorbs heat and is vaporized. It is completely absorbed in the air, and the temperature of the air drops due to the loss of sensible heat to achieve the purpose of cooling. After the whole set of equipment is started, the ambient temperature can drop by 3-7 ℃ instantly, and the average atomization of 1 liter of water only needs 6W of electric energy, which saves energy obviously. At the same time, the spray head can form a layer of light yarn-like clouds around it, effectively maintaining the humidity of the space.

What are the characteristics of the dust removal fog gun equipment? Dust removal fog gun is based on the principle of wind, the first use of imported high-pressure pump, fine atomization spray water atomization, and then use the fan air volume and wind pressure to atomize the water mist to a long distance, so that the water mist to reach a long distance at the same time can cover a larger area, water mist and dust condensation after landing, so as to achieve the purpose of dust.

A centrifuge is a machine that separates different materials. The machine uses centrifugal force to separate materials of different densities. Centrifuge this machine is widely used in all walks of life, such as chemical, coal, water treatment, medicine, oil and so on. Generally speaking, the disassembly and debugging of centrifuge equipment has a great influence on the operation of the equipment, so we need to pay attention to the details when debugging the centrifuge equipment.

Third, take preventive measures. They have their own advantages and are equipment needed on many occasions. Therefore, it seems, but the use of centrifugal ventilation skylight cooling precipitation effect is still very obvious! There are two common types of centrifugal ventilation skylight and axial flow ventilation skylight. Then the application of centrifugal fan is even more perfect. Users must consider the small drawbacks of condensation when choosing a centrifugal fan! Now there are many ventilation skylights, only a short ventilation time can achieve good results. Ventilation skylight is the use of more equipment, should how to choose? The use of centrifugal ventilation skylight can easily lead to doors and windows and walls condensation! The use of the room and the number of people are different, and the requirements of the new air volume are also different.

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