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About centrifugal atomization equipment to understand

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2022/12/26 21:08

A laboratory centrifuge is an experimental device that rotates an object around a fixed axis to make it subject to centrifugal force to accelerate the settling velocity of matter and achieve the separation of different molecular particles.

The desktop low-speed normal temperature centrifuge S400 is a conventional instrument for centrifugal sedimentation in the laboratory. It is a very important equipment for sample pretreatment and is mainly used in the fields of clinical science, biochemistry, food and environmental protection;

Centrifuge as gravity separation equipment, is one of the commonly used equipment in mineral processing production. Centrifugal concentrator is also called centrifugal chute. There are many kinds of equipment, but the structure is not very different. So far, centrifuge beneficiation has been in China after decades of development, and now can be selected not tin ore, tungsten ore and iron ore.

Centrifuge is a device that uses centrifugal force to accelerate the separation of different samples. As an important laboratory general-purpose instrument, it is widely used in medical clinical biochemistry, hematology, immunology, biological cell preparation and other applications.

Centrifuges are widely used in chemical, food, pharmaceutical, environmental protection, teaching, medical and other scientific research and production departments, in the separation and extraction of substances play a very important role, has become one of the important instruments and equipment of modern scientific research, but also biology, biochemistry, medicine, biological engineering, biopharmaceutical and other industries research and production of the necessary equipment.

However, this spray dryer is of both centrifugal and air flow type. When the experiment requires powder, the air flow type is adopted. The air flow type has long service life and is not easy to be damaged. At the same time, this is also the disadvantage of centrifugal atomizer. When the experiment requires uniform powder or particles, the centrifugal atomization system is selected for spray drying.

Centrifugal pump is one of the core equipment that the water industry cannot do without, using the impeller to rotate and make the water centrifugal movement. Using the motor, the pump shaft drives the impeller and the water to rotate at high speed, and the water moves centrifugally, is thrown to the outer edge of the impeller, and flows into the pressurized water pipeline of the water pump through the flow channel of the volute pump shell.

Understand the workshop atomization dust reduction equipment search Shandong Ailan environmental protection-create a lightweight spray dust reduction system, not only spray, can really reduce dust. Workshop atomization dust reduction equipment, workshop atomization dust reduction equipment effect-Shandong Ailan environmental protection workshop atomization dust reduction equipment scheme.

Centrifugal spray drying equipment is equipped with a centrifugal atomizer, hence the name. Centrifugal spray dryer is one of the most widely used dryers in industrial production. By adding material liquid to a high-speed rotating dispersion plate, the liquid is thrown into mist droplets by centrifugal force and dried in the dryer. On the surface of the dispersion disk, the liquid spreads in a thin film and is thrown out at a high speed at the circumference. The atomization effect depends on the circumferential linear speed and the feeding rate, and is also related to some physical characteristics of the material liquid and other factors.

Equipped with an online cleaning system (spray system) to clean the inner wall of the centrifuge shell, the inner and outer surfaces of the drum, to ensure the cleanliness requirements, and the visible parts of the centrifuge such as the surface of the liquid collecting tank. This series of equipment integrates washing, filling and sealing. It is suitable for hot-filling production of various fruit juice beverages and tea beverages. A small number of parts can be replaced for filling pure mineral water.

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