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For you to introduce the vacuum gas atomization

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2022/12/19 20:53

What role does the atomizing nozzle play in the application of air conditioning. It is to reduce the thermal mass generated in the process of the air conditioner. When the air conditioner is in the process of the event, it is to absorb the thermal mass in the room. It discharges hot air and blows out cold air, but the temperature of the indoor air is reduced. Therefore, we are equipped with atomizing nozzles to spray atomizing water mist on the hot air exhaust pipe of the air conditioner to reduce the heat exhaust of the air conditioner itself! Heat dissipation, the second is deodorization. We can spray misty water into the air conditioner to control the odor in the air to achieve the goal of deodorization!

Pressurized water is injected into the discharge nozzle of the compressed air stream? The cold mist system is atomized using compressed air and pressurized water. The cold mist system is atomized using compressed air and pressurized water!

Spray atomization dust removal effect is quite good, it uses advanced spray technology, can be atomized into micron level water mist, spray atomization dust removal of water mist in 30-150 microns, which means that the same volume of water can expand the volume of tens of thousands of times, the overall installation can cover tens of thousands of square meters of dust source area. The water mist sprayed by the spray atomization dust can absorb the dust particles in the air, and then drop to the ground under the action of gravity, so as to achieve the effect of dust removal and dust reduction. Coverage is so wide, dust removal efficiency is naturally good, spray atomization dust removal is a dust removal weapon!

Metallurgical facilities, wear-resistant and corrosion-resistant, industrial nozzles detailed in all aspects of the bag, to the role of the facility parts industrial nozzles spread to the field covers a wide range of paper! True is a lot of customers in the use of customer better results. The focus of ammonia spray, machine processing and other fields, high denitration efficiency, seemingly undemanding product performance? Is it the design of industrial nozzles and the integration of spray range production Industrial nozzles are used to spray liquid! Used to spray ammonia solution to the nozzle system. The gas and liquid are confused and atomized inside the air cap body. The atomization principle is that the air breaks and hits the atomized particles with a small diameter and a wide coverage. Under the friction of compressed air and liquid, strong penetrating power and equal length, the atomization effect is very even and fine. The atomization particle size under normal conditions is.

④. Ultrasonic atomization effect is very good. It can even be atomized to below 10μ. Ultrasonic pressure on the liquid to produce sound waves, the use of high-speed vibration of the vibrator to produce ultrasonic, through the pulse width adjustment of the flow control function can make the ultrasonic atomization nozzle quickly repeated switch! The atomizing nozzle has a complete range of types, and the shape design of the air atomizing nozzle has a rich variety of automatic control air atomizing nozzles.

③. Ultrasonic air atomizing nozzle principle in the use of ultrasonic high-speed sound waves. Welding, ultrasonic direction good gravel sterilization, etc., cleaning penetration ability concentrated in the water transmission distance! There are different thread size installation form spray shape spray particle size, application conditions, etc!

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