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Shenyang Vacuum Gas Atomization Pulverizing Equipment Manufacturers Introduce Methods for Improving Spherical Degree of Metal Powder Produced by Gas Atomization Method

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2022/11/15 20:03

The method of improving the sphericity of metal powder produced by gas atomization is recommended.

Metal powder is the printing material of 3D printing of laser generator. At present, the general production mode of metal powder is gas atomization method. The principle of gas atomization is a process in which a flow of shape memory alloy is broken into small droplets and condensed into powder by a rapid high-pressure gas flow. The metal powder modulated by gas atomization method has the advantages of high purity, low oxygen content, maneuverability of powder particle size analysis and cost reduction.

The gas atomization method is divided into vacuum induction smelting gas atomization method and electric induction coil smelting plant gas atomization method according to whether the clamp pot is used or not. The basic parameters involved in atomizing gas and atomization include gas properties, inlet pressure, air flow velocity, etc. The basic parameters involved in metal composite flow and related links include metal composite flow characteristics, hydrogen pressure, flow diameter, etc. These basic parameters directly affect the particle size distribution and external effect structure of metal powder.

In the cold doubt link, the appearance of the powder is related to the gray cast iron time and final setting of the alloy steel. When the gray cast iron time of the shape memory alloy is less than the final setting, there is sufficient time for the gray cast iron before the shape memory alloy condenses, and the powder is spherical. When the gray cast iron time of the shape memory alloy exceeds the final setting, the gray cast iron does not have sufficient time before the shape memory alloy condenses, and the powder is irregular.

At present, cold gas is widely used as atomizing gas for metal powder of gas atomizing pulverizing equipment, which causes metal composite materials to condense into powder before gray cast iron in liquid state, which is prone to the problem of low sphericity (sphericity ≤ 80%) of powder, thus affecting the fluidity of powder. If metal powder does not have the particle size analysis range to meet the 3D printing standard of laser generator, it is difficult to ensure smooth finishing in the printing process of scraper powder spreading, it will have a great impact on the quality of the final product Z.

Application of Powder Metallurgy Products

Powder metallurgy is an enterprise that produces and processes metal powder and metal powder (including powder that penetrates into a small amount of non-metallic materials) as raw materials, and produces processed materials and commodities by forming-sintering method. With the development trend of powder metallurgy production and processing technology, powder metallurgy products as a substitute for basic metal composite casting, forging, grinding and structural complex can not be grinding mechanical parts, the scope of its service facilities continue to expand.

From general machinery manufacturing to instrument equipment, from hardware tools to large machinery, from electronic manufacturing to motor manufacturing, from civil industry to military industry, from general professionalism to the forefront of high-tech, you can see the shadow of powder metallurgy process. In the state-owned economic industry, powder metallurgy products have become indispensable service facilities in the fields of cars, motorcycles, electrical products, pneumatic tools, agricultural machinery and equipment, office appliances, etc.

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